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December 2019
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 Task force rules

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PostSubject: Task force rules   Task force rules Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 9:43 am

This is a list of rules that is currently implemented in our task force:

All members must try to participate in attacks at least once every 2 days. Exceptions will be given to people who have notified leaders or officers for their absent. If you failed to show up 2 days in a row when our task force failed to finish an op you will be given a warning. If the events that we finished all ops on a regular basis and some members did not get to attack we still give warnings to people who have not attacked at all in a 7 days period. You can explain reason for absent to officers if you see your name on the warning list. We encourage active communication through task force chat box. Your warning may be waived if you communicate and explain reasons for absent.    

List of people currently on warnings will be shown in the Kick Warning section of the forum. You must start to act if you see your name on the Kick Warning List. You will get 2 warnings. Failure to comply will result in kicking out of our task force.

At the start of op officers will discuss and plan attacks so don't rush until we have come up with a solid plan. Battle plan will be posted on the site under the current operation section. Battle plan will display a map showing steps to be taken, troop types and troop movement route to take down a base. All members must check the site for battle plan and try your best to follow the attack plan as shown on the map. Failure to comply will result in poor attacks and repeated offenders will be given warnings which result in kick.

New task force members who does not communicate or participate in any attack at all will be given an automatic kick. In the event that our task force missed two ops in a row and the new members did not attack, they will be kicked immediately without warning. In the events that the task force have been successful in completing ops over a 7 days period, we will also kick out new members with very low intel count and did not participated in ops attacks.

The two warnings system only applies to task force members who have proven themselves in the past.

When starting a new op, if intel level is below 500, we will start to enforce a minimum intel requirement otherwise the rules on intel requirement will be relaxed.
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Task force rules
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